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I have been in the contracting business for over 30 years.  I began as an employee, quickly became a partner, then later started my own business, K. Howard Contracting. Over the years I have learned many things about the business; not only the mechanics of roofing, siding, and other home improvements, but also how to work with my customers to provide for each home's specific needs.

I pride myself on my responsiveness, returning phone calls and requests quickly -- something this industry is famous for NOT doing! I feel that if a contractor doesn't answer an estimate request promptly, he is not likely to answer your call after the job is done and you have questions or concerns. I do both.

ROOFing is a messy business. Here's how we minimize that, and what you can do to prepare

K. Howard Contracting, LLC offers you exceptional quality and personal attention.  We feel you will be better served by us if you know what to expect when you have your roof replaced.

ATTIC:  Cover items in your attic with tarps or sheets, as dirt and particles will certainly sift down, even during a re-roof; more so with a rip job; even more with a plywood rip.

NAILS:  When we are ripping shingles from your roof, hundreds of nails will be removed at the same time.  We do our best to pick up as many nails as possible after the job, using rakes and magnets, but it is inevitable there will be some left when we leave.

PROPERTY PROTECTION:  Tarps are used to shield the sides of the house during rip-off, and to cover shrubs and plants close to the house.

CATHEDRAL CEILINGS:  The roof is only inches above a cathedral ceiling. Although K. Howard Contracting takes utmost care to “tread lightly”, vibrations from footsteps and nail guns can cause nail pops and a shifting of drywall tape on your cathedral ceiling.  KHC is not responsible for this minor damage, and you may need to spackle and repaint after the job is finished.

LENGTH OF TIME NEEDED:  Most jobs take 1-2 days to complete.  Larger or more complicated jobs will take longer.  Ask me about yours.

WHAT WE NEED: An air generator is used to power most of our equipment, but we do need a source of electricity. If there is no outside source, please let me know so we can make arrangements to access an outlet.  On very warm days, access to a water hose is useful to keep the shingles cooler as they are being applied.

  • Personal service

  • Pitched roofs

  • Flat roofs

  • Gutters cleaned, repaired, replaced

  • Flashing work

  • Soffits & dormers

  • Siding replaced/repaired

  • Replacement windows

  • Roof cleaning

  • Power washing

  • Lawn mowing

  • Yard cleanup

  • Leaf removal

  • Snow removal​

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  • Fully Insured

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Kevin Howard, Owner/Operator

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We believe in community


K. Howard Contracting is a small business. We rely not only on the goodwill of our neighbors, but on the continued growth and prosperity of the community. To help spread this growth, we donate to our schools' fundraisers, we pull a float in the July 4th parade for Halos for Angels, a local charity. We sponsor youth sports, and we have participated in Habitat for Humanity in Morristown, NJ.

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